Best Calgary Security Companies

Calgary Security Companies


Calgary, known for its vibrant culture and booming economy, is a city where safety and security are paramount. The role of Calgary security companies cannot be overstated. They not only protect businesses and residences but also contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Let’s dive into some of the various security companies in Calgary and the niche they serve.

United Alarm
(Best In Home Security And Alarm Systems)

Since 1990, United Alarm offers a comprehensive range of security services in Calgary, including automatic fire and intruder alarms, flood detection, window and door sensors, 24/7 monitoring, and security guards. They specialize in both residential and commercial security systems, providing tailored solutions for each client. As a locally-owned company, United Alarm has a strong understanding of the specific security challenges and needs within Calgary. This local insight enables them to provide more targeted and effective security solutions. Their community focus also helps in building trust and a sense of reliability among the residents and businesses in Calgary. Their custom services are not just limited to typical residential or commercial settings. United Alarm is known for its ability to adapt its security systems to various environments, making them a versatile choice for different types of properties.

XA Security
(Best in Mobile Patrol)

XA Security in Calgary offers a range of security services tailored to various needs. Their mobile patrols, conducted in marked vehicles by trained personnel, act as a visible deterrent and are essential for spotting unusual activities. Among the best Calgary security companies especially for mobile patrol providing site security, crucial for places like construction sites and commercial properties, ensuring constant surveillance and access control.

Event security is another significant service, where XA Security manages crowd control and safety in various gatherings. They emphasize rapid communication with clients through immediate issue notifications, keeping them informed during security incidents. Additionally, the use of GPS technology and daily emailed photo reports enhances transparency and accountability in their operations.

Client satisfaction is a priority, evident in their professional and courteous customer service approach. XA Security’s blend of traditional security measures with modern technology makes them a reliable choice for security solutions in Calgary.

365 Patrol Security
(Best in Security Guards)

365 Patrol, a local business, is committed to providing exceptional Calgary security services to clients, regardless of their budget and requirements. They focus on surpassing clients’ security expectations by tailoring their services to meet each client’s unique needs for both personal and commercial security. Their services include:

Mobile Security Patrols: Providing regular checks on properties using marked patrol vehicles. Ideal for areas needing constant surveillance.

On-Site Security Guards: Stationing guards at specific locations for continuous monitoring and immediate incident response.

Construction Site Security: Specialized security measures for construction sites to protect against theft, vandalism, and other threats.

Elite Personal Security Services
: Top-tier personal security for high-profile individuals and significant events. With a focus on absolute safety and confidentiality. Focused and unique requirements of each client with precision and discretion is offered.

True North Executive Security
(Best For Festivals And Events)

True North Executive Security offers specialized event security services in Calgary, including patron and bag searches, stage front and barricade management, roaming and response teams, capacity controls, access control, and ID checks. Their team is trained to handle various situations like crowd control, medical emergencies, and ensuring compliance with fire and regulatory guidelines. They focus on maintaining safety and smooth operation at events like concerts, festivals, and sporting events.

Black Bird Security Calgary
(Best For VIP Security)

Blackbird Security’s Executive Protection services offer comprehensive security for high-profile individuals. Their services include close protection, risk assessment, and security in public locations. They focus on protecting VIPs from physical, reputational, and financial threats, adapting their approach to each client’s unique circumstances. The team’s duties range from escorting clients and managing crowds to conducting background checks and frontline emergency responses. Blackbird Security’s approach combines detailed planning and low-profile implementation to ensure their clients’ safety and security.

Blackbird Security incorporates TrackTik Technology into their security services to enhance efficiency and transparency. This cloud-based platform streamlines operations, reduces manual tasks, and optimizes patrol routes. It features a mobile reporting dashboard for real-time incident updates, including location tracking and instant reporting. TrackTik also supports compliance with security industry regulations and aids in tailoring security solutions based on detailed operational data. This technology enables Blackbird Security to provide clients with real-time information, robust reporting, and accurate invoicing, fostering transparency and accountability in their client relationships. Although Black Bird Security offers security services Canada wide, they have a strong presence in Alberta which is why it is included among the best Calgary security companies.

Paladin Security
(Best In Large Security Company)

Paladin security company

Paladin Security’s Mobile Patrol Security services provide an advanced layer of security and safety for businesses. The highly trained mobile team operates around the clock, utilizing top-of-the-line security vehicles to patrol properties. They carry out their duties at scheduled times, in random intervals, or in response to specific alarms. Equipped with sophisticated handheld technology, these officers meticulously log every site visit, ensuring thorough monitoring and a secure environment for the facility.

Paladin distinguishes itself with extensive training, which surpasses provincial and local licensing requirements. This comprehensive training program equips them with the necessary skills to efficiently handle incidents and emergencies. During their patrols, these officers diligently inspect properties for any signs of damage, safety hazards, unsecured doors or windows, unauthorized individuals, or any suspicious activities. They also conduct environmental checks, including temperature and boiler checks, ensuring all aspects of the property are secure.

Shebbel Protection Services in Calgary
(Best Newcomer)

shebbel protection services Calgary

Shebbel Protection, based in Calgary, Canada, offers comprehensive security solutions. Their services include static guards, mobile patrol, and loss prevention, tailored to various sectors like airports, commercial, residential, healthcare, oil & gas, and retail. They specialize in industrial and commercial security, providing professional, uniformed, and certified guards. Shebbel Protection is committed to flexibility, affordability, and trust, offering 24/7 security services in Calgary.

FAQs About Calgary Security Companies

Q: What types of security services are most common in Calgary? A: Calgary offers a wide range of security services, including residential security, corporate security, event security, and mobile patrol services.

Q: How do security services in Calgary leverage technology? A: Many security firms use advanced technologies like CCTV surveillance, biometric access systems, and GPS tracking to enhance their services.

Q: Are security services in Calgary affordable for small businesses? A: Yes, many security companies offer scalable solutions tailored to the needs and budgets of small businesses.

Q: Can security services in Calgary handle emergency situations? A: Absolutely. Security personnel are often trained in crisis management and emergency response, equipping them to handle various emergency situations effectively.

Q: Is there a significant difference between public and private security services in Calgary? A: Public security, typically provided by police and governmental agencies, focuses on law enforcement and public safety, while private security services offer more personalized protection for businesses and individuals.

Conclusion For The Top Calgary Security Companies

Security services in Calgary are an integral part of maintaining the city’s safety and prosperity. They not only protect physical assets but also contribute significantly to the community’s well-being. With advancements in technology and tailored services to meet diverse needs, Calgary’s security services are more capable than ever of ensuring peace of mind for businesses, residents, and visitors alike.

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