Spotlight on Canada’s Leading Geothermal Companies

geothermal companies

Geothermal energy in Canada has seen a resurgence in recent years, and at the helm of this movement are several pioneering geothermal companies. These entities are not only tapping into the vast geothermal potential of the country but are also leading the charge in innovation, research, and sustainable practices. Here’s an in-depth look at some of these trailblazers and an overview about why Geothermal is on the rise in Canada.

Introduction to Geothermal Energy

Have you ever wondered what powers the majestic hot springs and geysers that sprout from the Earth? The answer is geothermal energy! It’s a fascinating blend of Earth’s internal heat and our innovative technology, a match made in the Earth’s core if you may.

Canada’s Geographical Advantage

The land of the maple leaf is enriched with several geological formations conducive for geothermal energy extraction. From the west coast’s tectonic activity to the sprawling plains, Canada’s landscape is a playground for geothermal exploration.

Canada’s Green Energy Policy Toward Geothermal Companies

Couple the geographical advantage with Canada’s robust green energy policy, and you’ve got a recipe for geothermal success. The country has consistently promoted sustainable and clean energy, and geothermal fits right into that vision. Provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia have introduced Feed-in Tariff programs, ensuring fixed payments for renewable energy contributions. Meanwhile, homeowners receive rebates for energy-efficient installations and electric vehicle purchases. These initiatives collectively foster a favorable economic landscape for renewable energy investments across Canada.

Leading Geothermal Companies in Canada

Borealis GeoPower

Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta

Established: 2007

Overview: Renowned for its expertise in geothermal science, Borealis GeoPower has focused its efforts on tapping the Earth’s heat for clean energy solutions. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation has placed them at the forefront of geothermal exploration in Canada.

Notable Projects / Achievements

  • Canoe Reach: Situated in Valemount, British Columbia, this project is geared towards harnessing geothermal heat for diverse applications, from electricity generation to direct heating.
  • Secured several exploration permits across Western Canada.
  • Pioneering initiatives in direct geothermal heat applications for local communities.

DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. (DEEP)

Headquarters: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Established: 2010

Overview: DEEP’s endeavors are grounded in the Williston Basin’s geothermal potential. Their vision is to establish Saskatchewan as a major renewable energy hub in Canada.

On July 5, 2023, DEEP Earth Energy Production Corp. updated on its two-stage 30 MW geothermal project in southeast Saskatchewan, with innovative drilling techniques and a goal to be fully operational by 2026 at a capacity of around 200 MW.

Notable Projects / Achievements

  • Williston Basin Project: A flagship initiative targeting the hot aquifers to generate clean, renewable energy.


  • Commencement of the first large-scale geothermal production and injection testing in the region.

Terrapin Geothermics

Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta

Established: 2015

Overview: Terrapin Geothermics specializes in converting waste heat and untapped geothermal resources into renewable energy. Their comprehensive approach encompasses project design, execution, and maintenance. They are one of the Canada’s leading waste heat and geothermal energy companies with a focus on achieving Net Zero.

Notable Projects / Achievements

  • Alberta Waste Heat Initiative: A collaborative endeavor with industry partners to transform waste heat into sustainable energy.
  • Secured partnerships with leading academic institutions for research and development.

Alterra Power Corp.

Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia

Established: 2011

Overview: Alterra Power Corp. a diversified renewable energy company based in Vancouver Alterra Power Corp. and subsidiary of Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.. Prior to its acquisition, Alterra operated multiple clean energy projects, primarily focused on hydroelectric, wind, geothermal, and solar sectors. The company was known for not only developing and operating these projects but also for its endeavors in acquiring renewable energy assets with high potential. Alterra’s strategy involved partnerships, straightforward financing structures, and continuous expansion, allowing them to establish a strong presence in the renewable energy landscape of North America.

Notable Projects / Achievements

  • Dokie Ridge: This project, although primarily wind-based, explores the potential integration of wind and geothermal energies.
  • Exploration of multi-faceted renewable energy solutions, combining geothermal with other sources.

Envirotech Geothermal Ltd.

Headquarters: Edmonton, Alberta

Established: 2006

Overview: Envirotech Geothermal has positioned itself as Alberta’s premier specialists in designing and implementing eco-friendly geothermal heating and cooling solutions. Catering to both urban and rural settings, they partner with builders, contractors, developers, and homeowners to introduce these efficient systems in new constructions as well as retrofit projects.

Notable Projects / Achievements

  • Crimson Leaf Estates: We call this project the triple Net Zero as it consists of 3 Net Zero ground source heat pumps. This project is located in Crimson Leaf Estates just outside of Sherwood Park Alberta. This system is capable of 66kw output.

Eavor Technologies Inc.

Photo from CBC – Eavor Technologies – Geothermal Companies Canada

Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Established: Eavor Technologies Inc. was founded in 2017.

Eavor Technologies Inc. is a pioneering clean tech firm specializing in geothermal energy and one of the new geothermal companies in Canada. Eavor has been at the cutting edge of renewable energy innovation, particularly with its unique Eavor-Loop™ technology. This closed-loop geothermal system diverges from traditional geothermal methods by not relying on naturally occurring steam or hot water pockets. Instead, a purpose-built underground loop allows a fluid to circulate and absorb the Earth’s heat, which is then brought to the surface to produce energy. This innovation presents a sustainable, scalable, and environmentally friendly energy solution that can be deployed in diverse geographical regions.

Notable Projects:

Eavor-Lite Demonstration Project: Located near Rocky Mountain House in Alberta, the Eavor-Lite project was the world’s first demonstration of the Eavor-Loop™ system. Completed in 2019, this project validated the technical aspects of the technology and set the stage for larger commercial deployments.

Collaboration with Enex Power Germany GmbH: Eavor announced a collaboration with Enex, focusing on the integration of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology with the Eavor-Loop™ system to enhance the overall efficiency of electricity production.

International Expansion: Eavor’s technology has generated significant interest outside Canada. The company has engaged in feasibility studies and discussions in various European and Asian countries, exploring the potential for Eavor-Loop™ deployment in these regions. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and a game-changing technology, Eavor Technologies Inc. is set to redefine the future of geothermal energy on a global scale.

Conclusion on Geothermal Energy and Canada’s Leading Geothermal Companies

Geothermal energy in Canada isn’t just about tapping into the Earth’s core; it’s about forging a sustainable future. With these geothermal companies pushing boundaries and the government’s unwavering support, geothermal energy’s potential in Canada is bound to rise, just like the majestic geysers it powers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is geothermal energy?
    Geothermal energy harnesses the Earth’s internal heat, typically in the form of steam or hot water, to produce electricity.
  2. Why is Canada suitable for geothermal energy exploration?
    Canada’s diverse geological formations, coupled with its supportive green energy policies, make it an ideal location for geothermal exploration.
  3. Are there any environmental concerns with geothermal energy?
    While geothermal energy is one of the cleanest forms of energy, it’s essential to employ sustainable practices to minimize environmental impact.
  4. How does geothermal energy impact the economy?
    Geothermal energy creates job opportunities and stimulates local economies through investments in projects.
  5. Is the future of geothermal energy promising in Canada?
    Absolutely! With vast untapped potential and ongoing advancements in the sector, geothermal energy has a bright future in Canada.

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