8 Wonderful Ways to Generate a Monthly Income Stream Using ChatGPT

Generate a Monthly Income Stream Using ChatGPT

Have you ever thought about the possibility of earning money using a chatbot? Yes, you read that right! This article is going to open your eyes to the incredible opportunity of generating a monthly income stream using ChatGPT. We’ll explore the magic of ChatGPT, its applications, and how you can monetize it. Let’s dive in to see five way you can generate a monthly income stream using ChatGPT.

1. Content Writer

Ever wanted to start your own website or a niche blog, but you don’t have the writing skills or the time to create high-quality content. Here is where ChatGPT can play a pivotal role. It can create blog posts on a variety of niche topics, ranging from technology to fashion, health to lifestyle, and finance. While ChatGPT is a great tool it is important that you identify your niche first. Something that you are passionate about and that has an audience. It could be anything — for instance, vegan cooking, vintage fashion, digital marketing, AI and machine learning, etc. A niche could be something you already have some knowledge or skill in. For example, lets say you are a former or current competitive swimmer. Your niche could be a website covering a whole range of topics such as

  • Essential Gear for Swimming Training
  • Swimming Techniques and Drills
  • Swimming for Fitness
  • Nutrition for Swimmers
  • How to Prepare for a Swim Meet
  • Common Mistakes in Swimming and How to Correct Them
  • Swimming Training for Different Age Groups
  • Swimming Training for Triathletes
  • Open Water Swimming Training

As you can see the list of topics is limited only by your imagination. Follow other swimming or niche related blogs if you are running out of ideas. You can also search for topics on Google that might be poorly addressed or have lower quality content that you can easily outperform to serve as lower hanging fruit.

Starting a website as a content writing using ChatGPT

Starting a website is a slow and arduous journey that takes both time, effort and consistency to build and maintain an audience and following. This is why it is critical to write about something you are passionate about. Setting up a blog can be done through WordPress or WIX which are two of the most popular content management systems. It is also important to write content that is unique and in a SEO friendly manner so that it can start appearing in search results. Simply copy and pasting ChatGPT content without any thought or creativity most likely won’t get you the results you are looking for. If you are not sure about whether content writing is for you, or if you are just starting out, there are many other places you can blog as well and earn money more quickly as a content writer without having to setup a website and start from scratch.

Using Medium.com as a content writer with the help of ChatGPT

Medium is indeed a stellar platform for content writers. First and foremost, the platform is prized for its user-friendly interface. The ability to begin writing with merely a few clicks and a simplistic, minimalist design that allows your content to take center stage eliminates any worries about website design or maintenance.

Indeed, Medium was created by the co-founder of Twitter Evan Williams with the intent to encourage users to create posts longer than the 140-character limit of Twitter, focusing on a space for in-depth content creation and discovery. Medium is therefore basically a long-form version of Twitter. With Medium’s Partner Program anyone can generate income based on the reading time their stories accrue from members. With your niche and by leveraging ChatGPT, you too can use Medium to create a passive source of income.

Using Substack as a content writer with the help of ChatGPT

Substack is a platform that allows content writers to directly connect with their audience and potentially generate income via subscription fees. Think YouTube for content writers!

Substack generously allows a blend of free and premium content. A strategic approach could be to use free content as a hook to reel in subscribers and reserve exclusive, premium content for those willing to pay. While setting the subscription fees, bear in mind that Substack generally recommends a range of $5 to $15 monthly.

Just like streaming platforms Twitch and YouTube, Substack is a platform where you must engage with your audience to be successful. Regularly responding to comments, seeking periodic feedback, and actively engaging with your subscribers helps foster a sense of community.

If you think your content writing skills and niche related expertise can drum up a loyal following then Substack could be a great choice for you. Promotion also plays a pivotal role and you can also try to leverage your existing social media platforms, website, or blog to broadcast your Substack newsletter.

Reach Out To Other Existing Blogs as a Content Writer

If creating a public profile or persona on Substack is not your cup of tea, the next strategy as a content writer may be more up your alley. Websites are always in search or high quality content that gives off authority, expertise and experience. If you have come across a blog that is in your area of expertise you can always try to contact the website admin and see if they would be interested in a piece of content you have written or are looking for any content contributors. Reaching out to existing blogs as a content writer can be a strategic move to showcase your skills and gain exposure. Here is how to to this step by step:

The First Step: The first step is to identify blogs that resonate with your areas of expertise or interest. Consider factors such as the blog’s readership, tone, style, and content type to ensure alignment. Delving deep into the blog’s content is crucial to gain insights into their audience’s preferences, writing style, and favored topics.

Craft Your Compelling Pitch: This brief introduction should encapsulate who you are, your motivation to write for the blog, and a few potential article ideas you could explore. Think of it as your job interview! A crucial component of your pitch is to underscore your qualifications and experiences relevant to the blog’s niche. If possible, provide links to your previously published works to allow the blog owner to experience your writing firsthand. Reach out to the site admin by finding the contact information on their website or reach DM them via their social media channels.

Follow up! If your initial outreach does not yield a response within a week or so, don’t hesitate to send a courteous follow-up email. Sometimes, messages can be overlooked in an overflowing inbox. In instances where you face rejection, it’s key to maintain a professional, positive attitude. Remember, every blog may not have guest posting opportunities available, or your style may not fit their current needs. However, the writing industry is vast, and there will be other opportunities waiting for you. Make sure to be persistent and send out high-quality, well-tailored pitches.

2. YouTube Script Writer

Embrace the role of a YouTube scriptwriter and generate a monthly income stream using ChatGPT. The demand is higher than ever for a good script writer especially in today’s digital landscape, where YouTube represents the golden age of content creation. Boasting millions of content creators earning revenue through their engaging videos, YouTube presents a wealth of opportunities. On average YouTubers earn around $18 for every 1000 ad views. Doing the math this works out to about $18,000 for every 1 million ad views, which makes being a successful YouTuber a very lucrative job. You don’t however need to be a YouTuber to capitalize on this market. In this flourishing arena, a tool like ChatGPT can be invaluable in scripting captivating content for diverse video genres, whether educational content, vlogs, product reviews, how-to guides, or narrative stories.

According to ZipRecruiter, remote YouTube Script writers can make about $3905 a month. With ChatGPT you can potentially take on 5 to 10x more gigs than you normally could to boost your revenue. Work with various different clients and advertise your services on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork if you are starting out.

YouTube Script Writer using ChatGPT And Fiverr

There are YouTube script writers on Fiverr making tons of money and completing hundred or thousands of orders using YouTube scrip writing. For example Andrew D from the United States has completed over 1500 orders just on one gig called “I will write a world class youtube script”. Since joining Fiverr he has been able to quit his full time job and work on the platform full-time and start his very own agency. There are countless of other success stories from people all around the world.

YouTube Script Writer using ChatGPT And Upwork

Upwork is another popular site for Freelancing gigs. If Fiverr is geared more toward short-term work and fast gigs, Upwork is geared toward working more long term with your client. Amoto L, from Nigeria has made over $20K and charges $20/hour for his “Professional YouTube scriptwriting” and is on the very low end of hourly wages. There are many YouTube script writers charging well over $200 per hour for there services and getting a paid clients. If you are starting out on Upwork, you will probably have to start with a lower hourly rate than you’d like but in the end you will gain experience and be able to charge much more and make a comfortable living.

YouTube Script writing tools using AIPRM ChatGPT prompts.

When getting started with ChatGPT, you might not be an expert AI prompt engineer right away. That is ok though because tools like AIPRM can help you. AIPRM is a extension of ChatGPT that lets you easily use a list of curated prompt templates for your use case. The YouTube Script Creator prompt by WilliamCole is among the most popular of over 100 different YouTube ChatGPT community prompts out there. There are other prompts that in just one click help you create and write a professional long video script for YouTube! Whatever your use case is, there is undoubtedly a ChatGPT community prompt out there ready to help with your task. It’s important to note that while ChatGPT can assist in generating ideas and text for your YouTube script, the creative vision and unique storytelling ultimately come from you as the content creator. Make sure to put your own unique spin and experience but leverage the power of ChatGPT and AIPRM as your ultimate assistant.

3. Social Media Manager / Ads Specialist

ChatGPT is a master at generating short-form content. This makes it ideal for generating social posts. It is also among the easiest ways to generate a monthly income stream using ChatGPT. A simple prompt like “Write a social media post for …” will create an in-depth social media post equipped with emojis and hashtags. Using a social media posting platform tool like Lately Social, you can then create all the posts for your client in one day and schedule your posts ahead of time for the next several months. Here is the simple prompt I gave GPT-4 for my hypothetical hair salon studio:

Create a social media post for Mothers Day for my hair salon business “Propaganda Hair Salon” (tone: emotional; writing style: creative)

💕🌷💐 Happy Mother’s Day from Propaganda Hair Salon! 💐🌷💕

Today, we honor the resilience, grace, and unyielding love of mothers. To the women who held our hands as they combed through our tangles, laughed with us during our first experiments with hair dye, and constantly reminded us of our unique beauty – we say, Thank You.

Here at Propaganda Hair Salon, we acknowledge the unspoken language of love that’s often communicated through a mother’s gentle touch on her child’s hair. We’ve seen the tenderness in your eyes, mirrored in our salon chairs, as you watch your children transform, one snip, one style at a time. 🌺

For all the knots you’ve patiently untied, the messy buns you’ve perfected, and the stray hairs you’ve lovingly brushed away from our faces – this day is for you. And on this special day, we want to help you feel as cherished and beautiful as you make us feel each day. 🥰

Treat yourself to our exclusive Mother’s Day offers, because you deserve a day of lavish pampering! Relax as we revitalize your locks, make your highlights shimmer and style your hair with love.

So, dear Moms, this Mother’s Day, let’s swap roles. Let us run our fingers through your hair, wash away your worries, and style you stunning. Because today, the spotlight is on you. We’re here to help you feel as radiant as the love you share. ✨

Reserve your spot and let us make your Mother’s Day a memorable one. Here’s to the heart of every home, our wonderful mothers. Happy Mother’s Day! 🎉🌼🌸

#MothersDay #PropagandaHairSalon #PamperMoms #MothersDay2023 #RadiantMoms #EmbraceYourBeauty

Creating Graphic Content For Social Media Posts Using ChatGPT

Using Canva on online software design tool made for non-designers you can create social media graphics needed to compliment ChatGPT. Canva comes equipped with a large number of templates you can use and together with the power of Canva, ChatGPT and a social media platform posting tool to schedule posts ahead of time, you can easily charge clients hundreds of dollars a month for social media posting. These three tools can help you scale your social media manager and posting business, as they allow you to quickly create posts and graphics allowing you to manager hundreds of clients per month. Doing the math even if you just have 100 clients and charge $250 per month, you are getting $25,000 / month recurring revenue with the help of ChatGPT. According to SproutSocial, most social media management agencies charge between $500 to $900 per month. With these average fees, you can earn up to $4500/month in semi-passive income with just 5 clients!

4. AI Prompt Writer, AI Prompt Engineer And ChatGPT Manager

Lets face it, the future of AI is upon us and that could mean AI is coming for your traditional office or white collar job. Corporate cost cutting by hiring less people is an inevitable future as AI tools allow people to become more productive. If for every 10 copywriters, just 1 one is needed, then your job will be structured efficiency as an AI prompt writer. Don’t be left behind and generate a monthly income stream using ChatGPT. Your job could be focused on proof reading and editing ChatGPT prompts similar to the role of a publications editor. According to Yahoo finance these AI prompt engineering gigs pay up to $375,000/year and don’t require a tech degree. It is clear that familiarity, expertise and knowledge of AI tools is becoming a great asset as companies are looking for those that can build “a library of high quality prompts or prompt chains to accomplish a variety of tasks”.

Ways to Showcase Your ChatGPT Prompt Skills

To increase your changes of becoming hired as an AI prompt engineer you should showcase your skills and expertise. AIPRM is a prompt engineering community where expert prompt engineers can publish their best prompts. A widely used prompt and authority on the AIPRM community demonstrates expert knowledge of AI prompt engineering which undoubtedly can help you get hired for your dream job or other consulting gigs and demand a higher salary or hourly rate.

For Developers And Coders

Do you have a background in programming? You can use OpenAI’s API library to build on top of your existing application or create a new SAAS which you can then sell to users. There are many ways for developers to generate a monthly income stream using ChatGPT. Here are some ideas to get your brain churning:

1. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants: Using ChatGPT you can build intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants capable of understanding and responding to user input in a natural, human-like manner. These can be used for customer support, eCommerce, online tutoring, mental health support, and more. Laith on Fiverr is using his skills to build ChatGPT apps or web apps using openAI with langchain.

2. Content Generation Platform: With the help of ChatGPT, OpenAI, DALL-E-2 integration you can build your own Saas AI content generator. As a developer you can simply create your own landing page linked up with an online payment processor like Stripe and include multiple payment plan options with an easy to use admin panel. You will need your own server and hosting, but if you have some programming and website design skills a first version can be easily done within a few days.

3. Language Translation: Are you frustrated with Google Translate? While this could be used more so as a project to showcase your skills to potential employers you can use React and OpenAI’s API to create a powerful app that can translate English to various different languages. You can even build this and sell your source code and app to potential buyers on Fiverr.

4. Sentiment Analysis: You can use ChatGPT API to build an application or chrome extension for sentiment analysis that can analyze text and understand user sentiment, which can be positive, negative, or neutral. This is useful in areas like social media monitoring, customer feedback analysis, and market research. Hootsuite has already built in sentiment analysis into their social media platform posting tools and charges users $99/month. As a developer you can help other social media platform tools to help incorporate social monitoring or start your SAAS similar to PulsarPlatform.

7. Coding Assistants: With its ability to understand and generate code, you can build a coding assistant that helps with writing, reviewing, and debugging code. GitHub’s Copilot is a prominent example of this use case. You can also use the OpenAI Codex to help you write code faster.

8. Education and E-Learning: Among the largest company for American education technology and homework help, Chegg is working with OpenAI to develop its own AI-driven homework help assistant called CheggMate. Perhaps using OpenAI you can also test your entrepreneur spirit and carve out on niche in the global education tech market size valued at over $120 billion USD.

9. Google Review Replies: Most businesses receive Google reviews online which they need to reply to each time. By using OpenAI you can create a SAAS that helps automate this process depending on the review rating and text they leave.

5. Become A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a responsible for a jack of all trades and is another easy way to generate a monthly income stream using ChatGPT. Tasks include admin support, social media management, customer service, content creation, research and personal assistance. With its advanced language comprehension, ChatGPT can be directed to draft, proofread, and format documents, providing you a significant advantage in terms of efficiency and accuracy. This means you can have a refined, well-structured piece of text without spending your precious time revising and correcting. Even English is not your first language, ChatGPT can help by eliminating the language barriers that would otherwise impede communication with your clients.

How to Become A Virtual Assistant with the help of ChatGPT

A huge benefit of being a virtual assistant is the ability to work remotely, more flexible work hours and the ability to work on a diverse range of tasks. With the help of ChatGPT you can take on extra work by looking for remote virtual assistant jobs on sites like LinkedIn or Indeed.

How To Make More Money as A Virtual Assistant with the help of ChatGPT

Using ChatGPT you can greatly increase your productivity and double or triple your income by taking on other part-time or full-time remote jobs. As long as the work is done on time for your employer who is to keep you from finding more work through another job or through sites like Freelancer to supplement your income.

Start A Virtual Assistant Agency

Starting a virtual assistant agency could be the fastest way to earning a passive income and generate a monthly income stream using ChatGPT. The demand for virtual assistance is high, especially since corporations can save a lot of money by hiring VAs vs a full time office worker. Using Facebook Ads or other means to advertise your services to companies you can start hiring and training more virtual assistants to help as you scale up. There are many pricing models and options to use including hourly fee or monthly fees for up to a certain number of tasks or requests. Time Etc is a virtual assistant based company based for entrepreneurs and charges $360 per month for up to 10 hours. Prialto which is more suitable for larger teams charges $1450/month for up to 55 hours. If you are serious about starting A VR assistant agency perhaps you can start by being one yourself to best understand the industry and carve out a specific niche.

7. SEO Specialist

ChatGPT can help you transition into the role of SEO manager or SEO specialist which can help you generate a monthly income stream using ChatGPT. This transition is definitely a lot easier if you have some experience as a content writer and familiarity with websites and content management systems. Nevertheless, becoming an SEO specialist using ChatGPT is a dynamic journey that starts with an understanding of SEO. Grasp the different types of SEO, including On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO, and familiarize yourself with key SEO terms like link building, indexing, SERP, keyword difficulty and more.

SEO Content Writer with the help of ChatGPT

The first step towards being an SEO specialist is to develop a content plan around the keywords you want to rank for that is important to the clients you are helping out. Using keyword tools like ahrefs or ranktracker you can see which keywords are easy or difficult to rank for and the associated potentially search traffic for each keyword. If you are using WordPress, a plugin like RankMath will help you develop SEO friendly content around the focus keyword you want to rank for. To help you generate SEO optimized content around your keyword, you can enlist the help of the AIPRM “Human Written |100% Unique |SEO Optimized Article” created by Jumma. This AI prompt will create an SEO optimized long form article which can then expand upon and add more detail to. Tools like RankMath will help ensure your articles are optimized for SEO with the proper keyword density which you can then use to help you rank for your other pages.

Off Page SEO with the help of ChatGPT

Off page SEO refers to SEO optimization that is not done on your website. This includes social media posting, guest posting and article outreach to help you get more visibility to your website. Using the help of ChatGPT you can create guest posts and generate ideas for keywords to rank for on your site. ChatGPT can also help build a list of websites you can reach out to get a link on your website. Using ChatGPT you can create the perfect email pitch that is professional and personable to help you with link building and reaching out to other site owners that may want to link back to your site. Social media posting is also a critical aspect of off-page SEO. As mentioned earlier ChatGPT excels in creating short form social media content that you can use for posting to Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business and other social channels. Video scripts can also be created with ChatGPT to help create viral TikTok videos.

8. Become an Excel Guru / Power BI Analyst Or SQL Wizard

Are you more of a data person? As a data analyst you can generate a monthly income stream using ChatGPT. ChatGPT can now help answer advanced excel operations with ease. Not only that a step by step tutorial is given for answering any related questions from pivot tables, vlookups, applying conditional formatting and performing advanced data analysis. Have questions related to VBA. ChatGPT can spit out a code that will help you automate your excel spreadsheets and reports, giving you the power to do anything Excel is capable of. Just like with any programming language, knowing the basics and the logic of Excel formula and VBA will go a long way to help you debug any related issues you are facing.

SQL for data analysis

Similar to Excel related formulas, ChatGPT can provide explanations of SQL concepts and syntax, which can be beneficial for beginners or those wanting to clarify their understanding. From explaining the purpose of the SELECT statement, the different types of JOINs, to more advanced topics such as stored procedures, triggers, and database normalization, ChatGPT can provide detailed information.

Power BI With the help of ChatGPT

One of the primary uses of Power BI is to create visual reports and dashboards. Data analysts or data engineers often use SQL to extract, transform and load data. With the help of Power BI this data can then be consumed by extracting insights from the data with the help of visual charts. DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) and Power Query formulas are fundamental for data manipulation and analysis in Power BI and ChatGPT can provide guidance and answers when you run into issues. Power BI is a powerful tool with a steep learning curve, and while ChatGPT can help smooth that curve, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience and continuous learning.

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