Top 5 Best Landscapers in Edmonton

5 Best Landscapers in Edmonton (1)

Experience the transformation of your outdoor spaces into breathtaking landscapes with the top landscapers in Edmonton. Whether you dream of a serene garden retreat, an entertaining space with an intricate water feature, or a perfectly manicured lawn that inspires awe, we’ve got you covered

Park Landscaping

Park Landscaping offers landscaping projects of all sizes in Edmonton. From residential to commercial, there services include synthetic turf installation, pond & water features, installation of fiberglass swimming pools from Latham Pools and lawncare and landscape supplies.

From sketching the initial concept to laying the final stone, whether it’s residential or commercial, their ensemble remains steadfastly focused on one thing: crafting extraordinary landscapes that enhance the aesthetics and value of your space.

They also provide an unwavering, professional snow removal service for commercial establishments in Edmonton and neighbouring areas. Their round-the-clock teams, armed with state-of-the-art machinery, stand ready to deliver efficient, timely services, come snow or shine.

Kelly’s Landscaping

Kelly’s Landscaping Services is a comprehensive landscaping company dedicated to bringing your outdoor ideas or grand visions to life. They provide a broad range of services to create a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and budget-friendly outdoor space that genuinely excites you.

Their hardscaping expertise includes designing and installing paving stone and flagstone patios and sidewalks, creating retaining walls, as well as building both wood and composite decking. These services aim to provide a strong, durable, and stylish foundation for your outdoor spaces.

In terms of softscaping, Kelly’s Landscaping Services delivers a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and elevations. Their master gardeners carefully select and plant quality, zone-appropriate trees, shrubs, and perennials, enhancing the natural beauty of your surroundings.

They also offer custom carpentry services, from the installation of basic fencing to the creation of garden boxes and custom pergolas. Their in-house carpenter is well-equipped to meet a wide range of carpentry needs, working either from their design or based on a picture provided by the client.

Kelly’s Landscaping Services also specializes in the creation of water features. From prefabricated fountains to bubbling rocks, waterfalls, and streams, they are adept at creating an oasis tailored to your preferences.

Moreover, they provide irrigation services, offering both zone and drip systems designed to meet the specific watering needs of your landscape. They also offer landscape lighting services to help you enjoy your new landscaping even in the evenings. The strategic placement of lighting elements, such as a hint of light on a boulder or a spotlight on an evergreen, adds depth to your yard and enhances its visual appeal.

Their expertise extends to concrete work as well, offering services in broom finish, stamp finish, tinted concrete, aggregate, and sealing. They specialize in driveways, driveway extensions, decorative borders, sidewalks, patios, retaining walls, and hot tub pads. They also offer services for foam filling of voids under concrete and lifting/leveling of existing concrete.

In sum, Kelly’s Landscaping Services provides an all-encompassing range of landscaping services, helping you transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, functional, and enjoyable oasis.

Diji Landscape Construction

Diji Landscape Construction is a renowned provider of top-tier landscaping services for a diverse range of commercial and residential properties. With over 35 years of experience, they have managed a variety of projects including large corporate environments, city parks, shopping malls, and apartments. Their team of experienced landscapers is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in landscape design, paving, and hardscaping.

One of their key services includes working with interlocking and natural stones. Leveraging their vast experience in natural and paving stone products, they offer expert advice on material selection and apply the most effective techniques to ensure the success of your project.

In addition to traditional landscaping, they also specialize in the installation of artificial turf. This service provides the lush appearance of real grass using environmentally-friendly synthetic grass and turf products, which are designed to withstand the ever-changing Canadian climate. Other services include final grading, sodding, softscaping, backyard interlock patios, retaining walls, artificial turf installations, and more.

They also offer services related to steps and retaining walls. Retaining walls are integral structures that add strength to your construction, enhance the beauty of your property, and provide structural support.

Diji’s goal is to become a trusted and recommended name among landscaping companies in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. They achieve this by delivering exceptional landscaping services at competitive rates. By offering the personalized service of a small business, coupled with the high-quality results and beautiful designs associated with larger companies, they provide the best of both worlds to their clients.

APS Landscaping

A fully licensed and insured company in Alberta, backed by the assurance of a 100% guarantee on their work. Their commitment to professional quality and adherence to the highest industry standards is reflected in their active membership with LANTA, Alberta’s professional landscape association.

APS Landscaping upholds the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA) standard, a benchmark in the industry, defining the acceptable norms for installation and performance. This adherence to quality ensures that their work aligns with the best practices in the landscaping industry.

Another aspect of APS Landscaping’s dedication to quality is reflected in their personnel. Their employees are not only trained in accordance with the CNLA standards but also include qualified tradespeople certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and Allan Block. Therefore, customers can have peace of mind knowing that their hardscape features are being installed by certified professionals.

APS Landscaping specializes in a broad range of services, showing a commitment to both honing their core skills and continually adapting to modern techniques and equipment. Their passion for the landscaping industry is evident in the superior quality of their work.

Their service offerings are comprehensive, covering a variety of landscaping needs. They offer artificial grass installation, custom fire pit creation, and even custom putting greens for golf enthusiasts. They can install custom water features and drip irrigation systems, as well as handle tasks such as excavating and fence installation.

Further services include hardscaping, irrigation system installation, and land leveling & grading. APS Landscaping also provides landscape design and construction services, complete with landscape lighting installation. They supply landscape materials and are capable of creating living walls.

Their outdoor construction services extend to outdoor fireplace and kitchen construction, and patio construction, catering to all aspects of outdoor living spaces. APS Landscaping’s array of services ensures they are well-equipped to transform any outdoor area into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment.

River Valley Landscape Construction Ltd

River Valley Final Grading evolved from a full-service landscaping company to a specialized entity focusing on final grading. Throughout its journey, the company maintained its unwavering commitment to professional and impeccable work, boasting a track record free of unsatisfied customers.

Shifting to focus solely on final grading represented a significant transformation for the company, demanding a rethinking of its organizational structure and marketing strategies. This bold step, however, has proven advantageous, benefiting both the company and its customers.

By concentrating on refining their final grading process, River Valley has gained significant efficiencies. These efficiencies enabled the company to offer highly competitive prices, often undercutting not only traditional landscaping companies but also home-based operators with skid-steers.

This pricing advantage does not compromise quality. On the contrary, River Valley believes that many full-service landscaping companies, by attempting to tackle a diverse range of jobs with often inexperienced workers, fail to master any specific service. They lack an efficient, streamlined system with clear roles and processes. This results in a learning curve for their crew and can lead to lower quality and higher costs.

Many customers appreciate the convenience of having a single contractor handle all their landscaping needs, not realizing that this can often lead to higher costs and a lower-quality end product. By entrusting specialized companies with different parts of their landscaping project, customers can enjoy substantial benefits, albeit with slightly more coordination on their part.

One of River Valley Final Grading’s key recommendations is to separate out the final grading, which is carried out before other landscaping work and requires city approval. The company assures that there will be no scheduling conflicts with other landscapers and that the entire process will be handled efficiently, saving customers money while providing a high-quality final grade.

In addition to their final grading services, River Valley has now expanded to include basic landscaping services like sod & groundcovers and edging. In making this decision, the company was careful to preserve its core success principle of simplicity. The company believes that the more focused the crew’s tasks, the more proficient, quicker, and therefore more cost-effective they become, without compromising the quality of service.

River Valley acknowledges the tension between production efficiency and customer desire for variety. Their solution has been to carefully balance their services to meet the demands of most potential customers. They aim to be the best at a few select services rather than attempting to excel at everything, thereby becoming slow and expensive.

The company targets all new homeowners for final grading, and for further landscaping services, they focus on the majority of homeowners who seek basic, cost-effective, and efficient services. River Valley collaborates with customers to design their preferred landscape concept, given it retains the natural grade.

The customer is then involved in choosing ground-cover materials and edging. Finer work like shrub planting is left to the homeowners, as many enjoy this aspect of landscaping and it helps to further reduce costs. The company’s goal is to simplify the landscaping process, offering a quick and straightforward journey from quote to completion for homeowners seeking professional design and installation.

In summary, River Valley Final Grading has evolved from a traditional landscaping company to a specialized entity, focusing on mastering a few key services to offer their customers the best quality and cost-effectiveness.

Top 5 Landscapers in Edmonton Conclusion

We broken down some of the top landscapers in Edmonton. Each company offers a unique set of services that cater to various customer needs, from initial design and installation to maintenance. Park Landscaping is known for its comprehensive services, including synthetic turf installation and snow removal.

Kelly’s Landscaping provides a broad range of services including hardscaping, softscaping, and carpentry. Diji Landscape Construction excels in working with interlocking and natural stones, as well as artificial turf installation. APS Landscaping aligns its work with the best practices in the landscaping industry, and it employs certified professionals.

Finally, River Valley Landscape Construction Ltd. specializes in final grading, offering high-quality work at competitive prices. Despite their individual specializations, all these companies are dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces into aesthetically pleasing and functional environments. If you are in the market and looking for some landscapers in Edmonton for your next project be sure to check them out.

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