The Top 10 Best Places For Facials In Edmonton 2024

best places for facials in Edmonton

Embark on a rejuvenating journey as we explore the top 10 best places for facials in Edmonton. In 2024, the city’s beauty scene is thriving, with a plethora of skincare sanctuaries offering a range of luxurious and effective facial treatments. From advanced technological innovations to timeless holistic approaches, these top 10 establishments are at the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled expertise and results for all skincare needs. Whether you’re seeking a serene escape or a transformative skincare experience, these top 10 best places for facials in Edmonton are sure to exceed your expectations and leave you glowing from within.

MD Spa & Laser Clinic
5001 30 Ave #105, Beaumont, AB T4X 1T9

MD Spa & Laser Clinic is the go-to destination for any one in South Edmonton looking for customized facials. With a focus on providing top-tier facials and skincare services, this clinic offers a luxurious and results-driven experience for all clients.

Acne Solution Facial

The Acne Solution offers an intensive pore-purifying facial treatment, tailored to tackle persistent acne and effectively remove blackheads. It starts with a pre-cleansing oil application that helps dissolve impurities, surplus oils, and debris, while also softening the skin. This treatment also features a mild peel or stimulating agent, followed by blue-light therapy and High-frequency treatments.

Expert staff

With a team of highly trained and experienced skincare specialists, MD Spa & Laser Clinic provides personalized consultations and customized treatment plans for each client. The expertise of the staff members ensures that every facial is tailored to address the specific needs and goals of the individual, delivering exceptional outcomes.

Bliss MediSpa & Integrated Wellness
5954 Mullen Way NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 0S9

The Bliss YogaSpa is one of the best places for facials in Edmonton. Located in the heart of the city, this spa offers a range of facial treatments that are designed to rejuvenate the skin and leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. From deep cleansing facials to anti-aging treatments, Bliss YogaSpa has something for everyone.

BABOR anti-aging facials

Bliss MediSpa offers a range of BABOR anti-aging facials, each tailored to specific skin needs. Their lineup includes the Skin Performance Facial for a customized skin nourishment experience, the TheraPro C Facial packed with Vitamin C for a vibrant, smooth complexion, and the HSR Anti-Aging Lifting Facial for enhanced skin resilience and youthfulness. They also offer the Lifting Rx Facial for ultimate skin firming, a Men’s Facial addressing the unique needs of men’s skin, and the AHA Peel Treatment for improved skin texture. Additionally, the Bacial (Back Facial) is designed to cleanse and nourish the back area. These treatments aim to rejuvenate and revitalize skin, ensuring a youthful and radiant appearance. For more information, visit Bliss MediSpa.

Environ Treatments

Environ facial treatments are a blend of advanced technology and essential nutrients, designed to deeply nourish the skin. They utilize unique methods like pulsed galvanic currents and sound waves to enhance nutrient penetration, improving skin health and appearance. These facials are effective for various skin issues, including photo-damage, dehydration, and uneven tone. They offer specialized options like the Environ DF Treatment and CIT Vitamin Infusion Facial, each tailored to provide specific skin benefits and promote a youthful, radiant complexion.

12505 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 0M4

JU-ENE offers a unique Buccal Massage as part of their facial therapy, focusing on the mind, soul, and face. This treatment includes Somatic meditation for body awareness, signature face sculpting massage, inner oral massage (Buccal Massage), and concludes with facial cups and gua sha routine for lymphatic drainage. This approach aims to release facial muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote youthful skin. It’s recommended to start with four weekly treatments followed by monthly maintenance. For more details on this holistic and rejuvenating approach, visit JU-ENE.

TMJ Pain Relief

Buccal Massage, as part of JU-ENE’s facial therapy, offers a range of benefits particularly focusing on rejuvenating the lower face and alleviating TMJ pain and migraines. This therapy relaxes the jaw muscles, tones and sculpts the lower face, improves complexion, reduces puffiness, and enhances the jawline. It also softens lines on the lower face, including lip lines. Crucially, it addresses TMJ discomfort and headaches caused by clenching, stimulates lymph drainage, supports facial detox, and boosts circulation for a healthy glow.

Lipstick Empire
10830 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5M 0H3

Lipstick Empire LaserSpa, located on 124st in Edmonton, is a full-service medical spa offering a variety of treatments. Their services include body contouring, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal, and wellness treatments like the HydraFacial and OxyGeneo. They emphasize personalized care, with medical aestheticians and laser technicians developing customized treatment plans for complete skin rejuvenation.


Lipstick Empire’s Hydrafacial treatment is a comprehensive skin rejuvenation procedure offered at their Edmonton MediSpa. This treatment cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, nourishes, and hydrates the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types and addresses a variety of concerns like congested skin, enlarged pores, dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Customizable with various boosters, the treatment also includes lymphatic drainage and LED light therapy options. For more details and to explore the full range of benefits, visit Lipstick Empire’s Hydrafacial page.

LED Masks

The Empire Facial at Lipstick Empire LaserSpa is a customized treatment using Glo Skin Beauty products and LED Masks. It’s tailored to individual skin concerns, incorporating steps like facial steaming, exfoliation, massage, and LED light therapy. The LED mask offers various light wavelengths to address different skin issues.

Urban Retreat Body & Skincare Centre
6841 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 4W4

Not all spas are created equal, and Urban Retreat Body & Skincare Centre is proof of that. This top-notch establishment located in the heart of Edmonton offers a luxurious experience with their range of facials and advanced skincare treatments.

Tranquil environment

With serene and soothing surroundings, Urban Retreat Body & Skincare Centre provides a tranquil environment that allows clients to truly relax and unwind during their facial treatments. The soft lighting, calming music, and expertly trained staff all contribute to a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

Skin Care Treatments

Their services include Dermalogica Skin Treatments, the Essential Facial Pro Skin, Urban Retreat Facial, and a range of add-ons like Contour Mask, Multi-Vitamin Hand Treatment, and Intensive Eye Therapy. They also provide specialized treatments like the Essential Back Treatment, Jan Marini Skin Treatments, Microdermabrasion, and Bela-MD Facial.

Ahava Day Spa
10132 105 St NW #200, Edmonton, AB T5J 1C9

Your journey to radiant, healthy skin begins at Ahava Day Spa, one of the top destinations for facials in Edmonton. With a commitment to providing exceptional skincare services, Ahava offers a range of luxurious treatments designed to rejuvenate your skin and leave you feeling pampered and refreshed.

Downtown escape

Escape the hustle and bustle of downtown Edmonton and indulge in a tranquil oasis at Ahava Day Spa. Located in the heart of the city, this serene retreat offers a peaceful environment where you can relax and unwind while experiencing the ultimate in skincare and beauty treatments.

Whether you’re looking to revitalize your complexion with a hydrating facial or seeking a soothing getaway with a calming aromatherapy treatment, Ahava’s downtown escape is the perfect destination for those in need of a rejuvenating break.

Custom facials

One of the standout offerings at Ahava Day Spa is their customizable facials, tailored to address your specific skincare needs. Their team of expert estheticians will assess your skin and create a personalized treatment plan to target concerns such as acne, aging, or hyperpigmentation. Whether you’re seeking a deep-cleansing facial or a rejuvenating anti-aging treatment, Ahava’s custom facial packages are designed to deliver visible results and leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

Custom facials at like the Gourd-geous Facial or Fire & Ice Facial incorporate advanced skincare techniques and high-quality products, ensuring that you receive a truly bespoke experience that caters to your individual skin concerns. Whether you’re in need of a hydrating, clarifying, or brightening treatment, their facials are designed to address a variety of skincare issues and promote a healthy, glowing complexion.

Body Polish Day Spa
9622 165 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5Z 3L3

Unlike other spas in Edmonton, Body Polish Day Spa offers a truly rejuvenating experience that goes beyond the standard facial treatment. With a focus on holistic wellness, this spa provides a serene oasis where clients can indulge in a variety of luxurious skincare treatments and emerge feeling radiant both inside and out.

Relaxing spa day

An escape to Body Polish Day Spa promises a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The soothing ambiance, coupled with the skilled hands of expert estheticians, ensures that each client receives a personalized and restorative experience. From the moment you step into the spa, you are enveloped in a sense of calm that sets the stage for a truly rejuvenating journey.

Luxury Facials

Diverse services at Body Polish Day Spa extend far beyond traditional facials. Whether you’re in need of a revitalizing facial, a relaxing massage, or a renewing body treatment, this spa has it all. With an array of skincare therapies, from exfoliating scrubs to nourishing masks, clients can choose from a comprehensive menu of services tailored to address their individual skincare needs

Their transformative facial experiences include Glow HydroFacial and Mini Glow, promising rejuvenation and vitality. Indulge in their Spa Facial or Classic Facial for a traditional pampering, or opt for the Renewal Facial for a refreshing boost. The HydroJelly Facial is a unique offering, alongside the effective Alumier Chemical Peel and Microdermabrasion for deep skin revitalization.

Kaya Kama Hammam and Day Spa
9328 34 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5X8

Keep your skin glowing and rejuvenated with a visit to Kaya Kama Hammam and Day Spa, one of the top destinations for facials in Edmonton. This luxurious spa offers a range of treatments designed to pamper and revitalize your skin, leaving you looking and feeling your best – and for a bargain price too!

Authentic rituals

Rituals at Kaya Kama are rooted in ancient traditions, providing a truly authentic experience. From the soothing heat of the traditional hammam to the invigorating rituals of the Mediterranean salt scrub, each treatment is designed to cleanse and revitalize the skin, while transporting you to a place of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Unique experience

With a focus on traditional techniques and natural ingredients, a visit to Kaya Kama offers a unique and indulgent experience. The spa’s skilled therapists are dedicated to providing personalized care, ensuring that each guest receives a truly tailored treatment that addresses their individual skincare needs. With a focus on enhancing natural beauty and promoting relaxation, these facials are a gateway to both skin health and serenity. Discover more at Kaya Kama Day Spa.

Glow Skincare and Laser
8119 160 Ave NW #201a, Edmonton, AB T5Z 0G3

Despite the multitude of skincare and laser clinics in Edmonton, Glow Skincare and Laser stands out as a top contender for the best place to get facials in 2024. Offering a range of state-of-the-art treatments and personalized care, this clinic has earned a strong reputation for delivering exceptional results.

Innovative Technology

Since 2010 Glow Skincare provides clients with the most advanced treatments with a seasoned team to provide personalized experiences. The clinic invests in the latest laser and skincare technologies, ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of care. From cutting-edge laser treatments to advanced skincare procedures, the clinic’s commitment to innovative technology sets it apart from the competition.

Extensive List of Facials

Their offerings include the precise art of Dermaplaning, rejuvenating Chemical Peels, and a range of tailored facials such as the Deep Exfoliation and the luxurious Deluxe Facial. They also feature specialized treatments like the unique Carbon Peel, the rejuvenating Vampire Facial, and the festive Holiday Mini Facial. For targeted care, explore their Lip and Eye Area Fillers or the deep-cleansing Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel.

YEG Aesthetics Skin Studio
Inside COWORK/Rivet, 2755 Broadmoor Blvd #272, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2W7

YEG Aesthetics Skin Studio offers an exciting range of skin treatments and services, each designed to enhance and rejuvenate your skin’s natural beauty. Their approach combines advanced techniques with personalized care, ensuring each treatment is tailored to meet your specific skin needs. Whether you’re seeking a revitalizing facial, effective skin therapy, or specialized treatments, YEG Aesthetics promises an experience that not only improves your skin’s health but also uplifts your spirit.

A Small And Dedicated Team

Julia, the owner of YEG Esthetics Skin Studio, boasts over 7 years of experience as a Medical Aesthetician, collaborating with various Doctors & Dermatologists, and specializes in treating acne to achieve optimal skin results. Moreover, Kendal, with 4 years in the industry, has a deep passion for skincare. Drawing from her personal challenges with acne, scarring, and rosacea, Kendal is dedicated to solving skin issues and helping clients achieve a glowing complexion. With great reviews on Google it is worth the small drive out to Sherwood Park for your next facial or acne treatment.

Summing up

Drawing together the top 10 best places for facials in Edmonton 2024, it is evident that the city has a wide range of options for those seeking professional and high-quality skincare treatments. From luxurious spa experiences to specialized skincare clinics, Edmonton offers something for everyone’s skin needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a relaxing facial to unwind and rejuvenate, or a targeted treatment to address specific skin concerns, these top 10 places have proven themselves to be reliable and top-notch establishments for facials in the city. With their expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to customer satisfaction, visitors to these places can expect a truly rewarding and beneficial skincare experience.

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